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March 16, 2009 Mohrsville PA has been officially beta launched and is currently allowing new users to create profiles. extends the Christian concert experience through the sharing of videos, pictures and user discussion. Users connect with their friends, favorite Christian bands and other fans. Godcert is focused on the concerts and tours of Christian musicians and the fans that attend them.

Videos are grouped by concert, allowing users to see and experience the concert from the perspective of other fans. Pictures from the concerts are also linked to the performance giving a rich user experience of the concert.

Users create personal profiles, create fan links to their favorite bands, upload concert images, link to their friends, link to the radio stations that they listen to and comment on anything.

Artists can update all of their information, automatically pull in their videos from other sources, and communicate with their fans. Artist can see what their fans see by viewing the fans videos.

Radio stations can update all of their information, promote upcoming concerts, automatically pull in their videos from other sources, and communicate with their listeners. Godcert actively pursues partnerships with Christian radio stations to assist in the successful promotion of Christian concerts.

Various Christian organizations, like youth groups, churches, non-profit organizations and alike can create groups to connect with the users of Godcert.

Godcert was created to enhance the Christian concert experience equipping its users to share their experience with others. On Godcert users will find videos of last nights concert, pictures of the bands performing as well as pictures of users with the band after the show.

Sharing with your friends and other fans is what Godcert is all about.
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